Not like other coins
Notcoin is different: no investors, no big whales, no shady schemes, zero $ spent on marketing, pure community driven growth to 0.44% of the Earth population (still love the beauty of this number). The biggest influencer still has 0.02% of all tokens, all the people heavily contributed during the last 6 months were rewarded with <0.25% total. You can see from the Notcoin Vouchers how decentralized it is: around 300k people issued 800k Vouchers and generated $25M+ volume via P2P sales. (

«Tao called Tao is not Tao»
Notcoin doesn’t pretend to be something. Everyone is tired of the shill «buy this, buy that, new gem, alpha» — we say «it’s probably nothing» and never overpromise. Better to build value than create perception. In the long run, this is the only choice actually.

Nothing is impossible
From the launch on the first day of 2024 year, the hypergrowth with zero marketing, to the listling on Binance and crazy distribution. Notcoin doesn’t need to obey the existing crypto market expectations. It can be anything.

It is clear that a large ecosystem can only grow if participants create and attract value to the ecosystem. So we applied positive-sum approach in every step: donate to Pavel Durov & Telegram? get x2 back. You choose to «split» in the Not Dilemma? You win. Do more to get more. Win-win as a core fundamental.

Respect the reality
by building models that work. Notcoin is aiming to ever-growing mechanics like explore projects to earn Notcoin from the market, or play games that create their own value and ecosystems. Math never lies.

Notcoin is not this channel, is not the team, is not a token.
Notcoin is a way of doing things, shared by thousands of communities, millions living souls.

Probably @notcoin